20170723 :  theme: nightmare neighbour

- nosey people: interfering neighbor 

- she's so nosy.

- disputes: 실랑이로 이해할 수 있음. 

- parking disputes: 주차 문제로 실랑이.

- domestic: Relating to the running of a home or to family relations.

‘domestic violence’: violence in home

- who is living above me vs living below me : 윗집, 아랫집

- "신경쓰여!"

- It gets on my nerves.

- It grinds my gears

- It gets my goat. (내 인내심(염소) 가져감)

- ~를 ~로 협박하다

- she threatened them with her brother: 남동생이 올거라고 협박했다. 

- she used her brother to threatened them: 남동생을 이용해서 협박했다. 

- 나쁘게 이해하지 않으셨으면 좋겠어요.

- Don't take this the wrong way, but...

- Don't get me wrong, but...

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