medicine 관련 용어

a potion

a remedy 



a pill 

an old wive's tale


an ailment

cure: 완치  <-> treat: 치료

alliviate: 증상을 완화하다

swear by sth : 무엇을 맹신하다 (건강에 관해서)

symptoms: 증상

seeing a doctor / visit the hospital / 

prick : 날카로운 걸로 푝 찌를 때.

I kind of agree with her. 

문제를 밝힐 때 쓰는 말


the good thing about .... is 

the upside is 

To the best of my knowledge is


The problem with ~is....

My question is 

Most effective thing about

One thing I'm not sure about is 

The drawback is 

My concern is 

One thing I'm concerned about is 

What I am worried about is 

the downside is 

'영어' 카테고리의 다른 글

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